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For those who choose a Past Life Regression, past life memories may be accessed.


Reasons for Seeking Past Life Memories
Sometimes you may just be curious.  You may want to see what the Regression experience is like.  And, that's fine.
For others, you may be experiencing one or many symptoms. They can be physical or emotional.  They can be slight or severe.  The things you know about are not the problem -- it's the things you don't know about, consciously.
For those of you who want important questions answered as well as healing, you will want to experience the ultimate in regression, which is either Past Life Regression or Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression.
You were born.  You lived.  You died.  After a judgment, you went to heaven (or hell) forever and ever. Eternity was the end:  no appeals allowed.
But nearly a billion Hindus, a half-billion Buddhists, ancient Greeks, and segments of Christians and Jews have believed something entirely different for thousands of years.
Theirs is, as the theologians say, a cyclical view.  You are born.  You live.  You die.
And because nobody's perfect, your soul is born again... right here on earth.
Dr. Paul DeBell is a Cornell-trained psychiatrist.  Belief in reincarnation, "allows you to experience history as yours.  It gives you a different sense of what it means to be human."
Whether it's our singular soul that keeps reappearing again and again, or a fantasy or a metaphor, it doesn't matter.  What happens is very therapeutic for the person accessing past life memories.
Storage of Memories in Our Bodies
Paul Hansen, PhD:  "According to the theories of Marcel Vogel, in 1986, he reported that in his research he had demonstrated that body cells, bone tissue, connective and muscle tissue, even red blood cells, all store memory and information...
Records are written in bone... A sudden impact or blow is stored in the tissue.
The brain has no mechanism for accessing why that injury took place and, therefore, cannot release that damage to the tissue.  It is stuck in this area.
This can be released in past life regression."

A Few Examples of Healing from Accessing Past Life Memories
You may benefit from experiencing a Past Life Regression if you have any of the following issues:


  • Relationship problems,

  • Emotional trauma,

  • Physical injury or trauma,

  • Disease,

  • Excess weight,

  • Eating disorder,

  • Pain,

  • Smoking and Alcohol Addiction,

  • And more.

When the student is ready, the master appears.

~ Buddhist Proverb

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