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Hypnotic Regression

Brian Weiss, MD:  "The conscious part of the mind is that with which we reason.  The conscious is aware."
The following quotes are taken from Brian Weiss, MD, Columbia University and Yale Medical School:
"One goal of to access the subconscious.  The subconscious mind functions at a deeper level than our usual level of awareness."
"Hypnosis accesses this wisdom of the subconscious in a focused achieve healing."
"When you are hypnotized, you are not asleep.  Your subconscious mind is always aware of what you are experiencing while you are hypnotized."  
"Your mind can comment, criticize, and censor.  You are always in control of what you say."
Our Subconscious Mind
"The subconscious is not limited by our imposed boundaries of logic, space, and time.  It can remember everything from any time."
Examples would include:


  • Every breath you took

  • Every beat of your heart

  • Every step you walked

  • Every put-down ever felt

  • Every time you felt like you didn't belong, etc. 

"It is neither critical nor analytical... nor is it rational... it accepts... it stores information it receives as absolute truth... it is mechanical." 
You can't rely on your subconscious mind to automatically help you feel better.  It only stores the feelings presented.  "It will work to achieve what is programmed into it.  When programmed for success, it will function as a success-getting mechanism.  When programmed for failure, it will be equally effective in obtaining negative results." 

"It can transmit creative solutions to our problems.  It can touch upon a wisdom beyond our everyday capabilities." 

Experiencing Memories Through Regression
"Some people in hypnosis watch the past as if they are observing a movie.  Others are more vividly involved, with more emotional reactions.  Still others "feel" things more than they "see" them. Sometimes the... reaction is that of hearing or even smelling." 
"Afterwards, the person (may or may not) remember everything experienced during the hypnosis session."
The therapist's role is that of facilitator and helping you to focus your concentration.  This helps you reach a deeper level of relaxation.
Amazing Possibilities
Hypnosis puts you in a state of being receptive to learn.  The key is giving you access to your own subconscious mind or your higher self.
"Regression is the mental act of going back to an earlier time... to retrieve memories (and decisions) that may still be negatively influencing your present life..." and are the reason for your symptoms.
This may be as far back as your mother's womb, the birthing process, infant memories, toddler memories, childhood memories, a past life memory, or a memory from the place your spirit returned after your life on earth.
When you want to change or replace your present behavior, your subconscious needs new suggestions that are:


  • Reasonable

  • Acceptable

  • In your best interest

There are times when we need to cross over in order to experience the other side.

~ Susan Monson

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