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Your Mind

Similar to a floating iceberg, the conscious mind occupies 5% of your mind.



  • Analyzes

  • Thinks and plans

  • Accesses short-term memories

On the other hand, the subconscious mind occupies 90% of your mind.


It contains:


  • Long-term memories

  • Emotions and feelings

  • Habit patterns, relationship patterns, addictions

  • Involuntary bodily functions

  • Creativity

  • Developmental stages

  • Spiritual connection

  • Intuition

The innermost 5% of your mind is the Superconscious.  It is the expression of a higher power, likely the soul itself.

It contains:

  • Answers to your personal questions,

  • You may meet with your Soul Guide,

  • And much more.

Hypnosis is a treatment where the client becomes relaxed and slips into a much deeper, more pervasive level of awareness. 
​Hypnosis then provides access to a unique state of consciousness where emotional learning takes place.  In that relaxed state, material from the subconscious or the superconscious will emerge.

Examples of When You Experienced Hypnosis Without Your Awareness


  • When you are driving in a snowstorm and you become mesmerized with the snowflakes on your windshield.

  • When you are absorbed in reading a great book or involved in watching a movie and you lose track of time.

  • When you drive home from work, turn into your driveway, and you don't remember driving there.

  • Most of us enter hypnotic states everyday--whenever we've been on automatic pilot.

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are."

~ C.G. Jung

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