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The Method


This method is based on balancing the energy body--our Aura, our defense, our immune system--because it's capable of reflecting an imbalance long before the physical body shows any signs of illness or disease.


Domancic now practices and teaches the therapy in Slovenia. The Domancic Clinic is the largest Bioenergy clinic for alternative health therapies in the western world.  Zdenko, along with his team of therapists, treat approximately 140 people each week, with a long waiting list.

"When the solution is simple, God is answering."

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Healer Domancic by D. Jakcin


In 1985, there was a documented case study of successfully healing gangrene.  In the study, the leading medical establishment of Yugoslavia documented Zdenko's Domancic treatment of 300 people with advanced stages of gangrene.


After receiving treatment, the patients were cured of gangrene and no extremities were amputated.  This medical evaluation lasted for almost half a year and is documented in a book entitled, "Healer Domancic," by D. Jakcin.


AIDS Research at Stanford University


Zdenko participated in research studies on AIDS at Stanford University during the early 1980's and has more recently collaborated with the scientists in the Jozef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Cancer Research


In the spring of 2007, the Domancic Method was used for cancer research at the Institute for Oncology in Ljubljana, Slovenia with remarkable results.


Crystals Before and After Bioenergy:

Powerful Method Used to Help Well Over A Million People


One of the most powerful of known alternative health therapies was developed by Zdenko Domancic. The video, "Think About It", explains Bioenergy healing and how Bioenergy therapy has been successfully used in Europe over the past 30 plus years.


Today Zdenko is a renowned healer in Slovenia, former Yugoslavia. He has successfully helped people with every known health condition.

Zdenko was born in the coastal city of Zadar in Croatia and spent his youth on the island of Ugljan.


He studied electrical engineering at an early age and discovered bioenergy through the martial arts.


Searching for more knowledge about bioenergy, Zdenko traveled the world and arrived in the Soviet Union where he participated in research at several of their institutes.


He participated in scientific studies on the effects of bioenergy, and on the biofield of living organisms and their health.

"The use of this energy is not a privilege, it is a right."  Zdenko Domancic


"Bioenergy therapy is not medicine. It is Knowledge." 

~ Zdenko Domancic

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