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The Life-Sustaining Energy of the Universe


The Biofield is present in abundance. Without it, there is no life.  It's the energy field that contains all the information your body needs.


Chinese medicine refers to this energy as chi. They believe that chi animates matter, infusing it with life (the life force).

"The information of health is contained in this energy...making every illness curable."

Zdenko Domancic   

Balanced Bioenergy
When your physical body is in balance with all of the other elements that make a human being:

  • the mind,

  • the soul, and

  • the spirit,

and all of these are in balance with the surroundings in which you live and function:  you are healthy!
Your health or your illness is the result of your complete psycho-physical condition.  This includes your environment and even your worldview.
Your Immune System
When your energetic body is unevenly distributed, you become sick.  
The bioenergy therapist doesn't use his or her own energy.  The therapist funnels the Bioenergy from outside to the part of the person's energy field where it's needed.  This facilitates proper functioning of the immune system.

Bioenergy Therapy Awakens Your Body's Potential to Heal


Bioenergy is the life-sustaining energy of the Universe.  During therapy, the therapist becomes a conduit for pure bioenergy.


Healing takes place through the therapist, not by the therapist.


Using Bioenergy, the therapist lightly lays his/her hands on your body to direct the bioenergy into or out of your body.  This depends on whether there is a deficiency or an excess of energy causing the illness.

I practice the Domancic Method of Bioenergy therapy.  The healing involves no special equipment.


Only the Body is Capable of Healing Itself!


The therapist re-establishes the flow of energy essential to your health which directly boosts your immune system.  This promotes well-being and works with your energy field to support your body's natural ability to heal.


Bioenergy therapy may eliminate pain, may cause tissue to mend, and can dramatically increase blood circulation.  Many clients experiencing chronic pain have tried everything else they could find to ease their suffering.  Then they find Bioenergy therapy!


There can be remarkable results with serious health conditions like Diabetes, MS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Stroke, HIV to name a few.


"There are two ways to live:

      you can live as if nothing is a miracle;

      you can live as if everything is a miracle."​

Albert Einstein  (1929-1968)

You'll Be Relaxed While Receiving Bioenergy


It's a deeply relaxing, nurturing energy which can leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.  Many times we have clients fall asleep during the group sessions.  And, many times clients fall asleep when they are being worked on by distance as they relax in their own homes.


During the healing sessions, you may experience warmth, cooling, tingling, pulsating, clearing or other sensations.  There is no right or wrong way to experience the energy--it's very individual.


Therapy Treatments


Treatments last from 15 to 30 minutes per individual and are continued for four (4) consecutive days.


Group Therapy Setting


Therapy may be conducted in a group setting.  These are scheduled as needed.

Distance or Remote Therapy


Individual and distance (remote) healing may both achieve excellent results as well.  

You may schedule appointments for distance or individual therapy when it best suits you.


Keeping Track of Your Progress


​Since we tend to forget the old pain or condition when we begin feeling better, it's important to track how you feel in your body on a daily basis.  As you review your daily log, you'll likely see a pattern of improvement.


Therapy can have surprising results with many kinds of health conditions and stress. So, it's important to document emotional as well as physical improvement.

Bioenergy heals.
Bioenergy is for males, females, adults and children.

Bioenergy is Safe and Complimentary


Bioenergy is safe for the elderly, the young, dogs, cats, or any animals.


Therapy affects all dimensions of your energy field: emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Therapy compliments conventional medical treatment. It is not intended to replace the role of your medical doctor.

Bioenergy protocols.

Bioenergy Cannot Do the Following


A person with a pacemaker or a transplanted organ cannot receive Bioenergy therapy.


Bioenergy will actually interfere with the electrical impulse of the pacemaker. And, the Bioenergy will work against the anti-rejection drugs used with organ transplants.



Results can be immediate.  The full effect is best experienced 7-10 days after the session has concluded.


Your body needs time to do the work of healing itself.  This process sometimes takes up to a month to complete.  And, sometimes your body needs more than one session of 4 treatments.


If you think you need additional Bioenergy, it's recommended that you wait one week before re-scheduling. Each person's body is different and we don't know how quickly your body will respond or how completely it will respond.


Your Prescription Drugs


Your prescription was prescribed by your physician.  Only your physician can decide if they are still needed and to what degree.


When you begin to feel improvements in your health, that is the time to make an appointment with your doctor and discuss your course of action.

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