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Touching the Surface

Life Between Lives

What Is Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression?

How Did Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Become Developed?

Spiritual Regression provides you with the opportunity, through the vehicle of trance, to awaken at your soul level.  Awaken to your understanding of your place in the Universe, to your personal path, to those souls who have come into this life with you, to meet your Spirit Guide, and much more.

I am Certified by the Michael Newton Institute to take clients into Life Between Lives Spiritual Regressions.  A spiritual regressionist is an experienced hypnotherapist specializing in life after death. 

Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy was pioneered by Dr. Michael Newton.  


Dr. Newton was a more traditional, counseling psychologist and master hypnotherapist.  He specialized in behavior modification for the treatment of psychological disorders.  He resisted past life requests from clients because of his orientation toward traditional therapy, until he worked with a young man on pain management.

This young man had a lifetime of chronic pain on his right side.  As Dr. Newton searched for the origin, he uncovered the man's former life as a WWI soldier who was killed by a bayonet in France--the pain was eliminated.  With encouragement from his clients, Michael began to experiment moving clients further back in time before their last birth on Earth.

Then he stumbled upon a surprising discovery.  He "found that it was possible to see into the spirit world through the mind's eye of a hypnotized subject who could report back to me of life between lives on Earth."

Dr. Newton spent more than 40 years and 7,000 journeys with clients, studying and categorizing what he called, Life Between Lives hypnotherapy.

​Construction of Your Mind


  • The outer layer of the mind is the conscious mind--our critical, analytic reasoning layer. 

  • The second layer inward is the subconscious mind--the storage area for all the memories that ever happened to us in this life and former lives. 

  • The inner layer, is what Dr. Newton called the superconscious mind--the highest center of Self where we are an expression of a higher power.  The superconscious may be the soul itself--our highest center of wisdom and perspective.

Regression Facts

People in hypnosis are not asleep or dreaming, and, they are not hallucinating.  In response to questions, they can't lie.  Dr. Newton's research was extremely slow -- until he figured out a model of the eternal world where our souls live.

It was the perceptions by so many different types of people living on Earth which finally convinced Dr. Newton that their statements were believable.  He was not a religious person, but he found that the place where we go after death was one of order and direction -- a grand design to life and afterlife. 
The travels of souls from the time of death to their next incarnation, came to Dr. Newton from over 40 years of life between lives hypnotherapy experience and thousands of LBL sessions.

Questions Answered


  • What is my purpose here on Earth?                                           

  • Am I on track?

  • What will happen when I die?

  • What lessons am I to learn in this current life?

  • Why does my life seem so difficult?

  • Is my soulmate with me in my current life?

  • What am I to learn from my relationships?

  • Will I be able to see loved ones who have passed?

  • Can some of my most troubling emotional or physical issues be healed?

  • How did I come to be in my particular body?

  • Can I meet my Soul Guide?  

  • And more.


**Initially, a separate Setup Session will be scheduled, at no charge, to prepare you for the Online Past Life Regression or the LBL Regression.  You will be asked to have your computer or phone with you to check for sound and lighting, headphones, etc.**  

"We have something to offer people, in terms of personal meaning, that they can't find elsewhere."

~ Dr. Michael Newton 

The Life Between Lives session is a two-part session which includes: 

A Past Life Regression, usually one day ahead.
First, like with any therapy, there is an Intake. Essential information is taken by the hypnotherapist in the initial interview, as well as forms which have previously been filled out online.


These forms include:

  • Questions to which you want answers

  • Your Cast of Characters -- important people in your life

  • Intake Form

  • Registration and Consent form

One reason for experiencing a Past Life Regression initially is because your comfort level increases, and your ability to travel deeper into trance improves with experience. 

The Life Between Lives Regression follows on the second day or as scheduled.

The night before each session, you will need a good night's sleep.  The morning of your sessions, you need to plan on eating a good breakfast -- avoiding coffee and too much liquid.  And, dress comfortably!

The LBL Regression may last approximately 3 to 4 hours.  During the regression, you may be taken to some of the following places in the spirit world:

  • Gateway -- when arriving initially

  • Meeting your Soul Guide

  • Rejuvenation for a tired soul

  • Meeting up with your Soul Group

  • Speaking with your Council

  • Visiting the Library

  • Understanding the Life Selection Room

  • Reviewing past lives

  • Learning of your specialization

  • Other

Dr. Newton thought of souls as majestic, intelligent light forms of energy.  You will learn that at the end of your life on Earth, you will return to your true home -- a place filled with unconditional love -- and, that you are never completely alone. 
Most clients leave the session no longer fearing death, feeling the truth of their immortality.  At the same time, embracing life rather than feeling overwhelmed with the suffering in the world.

Who looks outside, dreams.  Who looks inside, awakes.

~ Carl Jung

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