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Migraine Gone After Only One Treatment


This healing was done for me by my husband, Reggie.


We had gone on a driving trip and had just arrived back home.

The trip was exhausting, stressful, and I had developed a severe headache. I tend to carry stress in my neck, which resulted in the headache.


I asked Reggie to treat me with Bioenergy Therapy. He had me sit quietly while he treated me using the migraine protocol. I was soon feeling great, able to unpack and enjoy being home!


Elevated PSA Is Lowered


A man in his seventies came to one of our healing groups.  He was concerned because his doctor had just given him his PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) test results.  He was told that the 3.6 was his highest reading and that, based on his history, the next reading could be much higher.


He was also told that when the PSA passed 4.0, he would be referred to a specialist.  This man was pretty sure that meant some kind of surgery or radioactive implants.


He believed that he could be helped.  He came for the 4 treatments, taking a week break as we recommend, then returned for another 4 treatments of Bioenergy Therapy. 


He didn't return to the doctor until his scheduled appointment 6 months later. His PSA dropped to 1.9--he brought the paperwork from the lab to prove it! There is no known medicine to reduce PSA results.


He returned once again the following year for 4 treatments of Bioenergy Therapy.  Now, 17 months later, he had new PSA results of 1.5.  As we requested, he showed us his latest test results from the same lab.  His cholesterol and triglycerides had also dropped.

Bioenergy used on headache.

Abdominal Pain Relief


One woman in her 40's was having so much pain in her abdomen from a bladder infection that she couldn't come to a group session. She hurt so bad she didn't want to get out of bed or even sit up straight.  She was holding a hot water bottle on her abdomen.


We worked on her remotely.  We had her get out of bed and sit upright in a chair.  As we worked on her for about 15 minutes, the pain totally left her.  And, her bladder infection was completely gone.



Swollen, Red Facial Sore


One lady had a sore on her face.  It was inflamed, swollen and red, and so sore that she could barely touch her face.


At the end of her initial treatment, she touched her face and couldn't believe that the pain was totally gone.  The inflammation subsided by the following day.


"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about learning to dance in the  rain."


Elderly Lady with MS


This lady was confined to a wheelchair due to MS.  Her hands shook so badly that she had no control over them.  She desperately wanted to get some help to be able to use her hands.  She lived in California, so we worked on her through remote healing.

After 4 treatments, she reported being more relaxed and she was able for the first time in many years, to make a phone call by herself. She was able to use her hands and the shaking was much less.

Man We Treated


Below is a video clip of a man, whom we treated, using Bioenergy Therapy for his knee joint pain. 

Seasonal or Clinical Depression


When we experience unusually long periods of rainy and cloudy weather, we see greater numbers of people with seasonal depression.  They come to us feeling down, lethargic, blue and listless.

Bioenergy Therapy is extremely effective in helping them to feel relaxed and energized with their spirits lifted.


The same is true with clinical depression, although the client may need 2 or 3 goups of 4 treatments each, depending on the severity of the depression. We have many examples of clients coming to us feeling down, being teary, having no energy, being unable to concentrate, having problems sleeping, having headaches, and even lacking the desire to eat or get up in the mornings.


Bioenergy Therapy has helped them to bring a balance into their lives, regaining lost energy, focus and general good health.

Plantar Warts


We treated a woman with Bioenergy Therapy who had very deep, painful plantar warts on her right heel.  After the initial 4 treatments, the pain had totally left, but part of the plantar wart remained.


Following the 2nd group of 4 treatments, she forgot about the warts for a few days.  When she checked on them, they were totally gone!


Mary's Shoulder Pain Healing

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