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Compass Pointing North
“Hypnotherapy is your means to find your own inner compass.”

~ Susan Monson

What is Hypnotherapy?


If you are new to hypnotherapy, you may wonder what it is, how it works or if it's safe.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to bring about behavior change, understanding,  release of emotion and re-making decisions made unconsciously as a child.  

Hypnosis provides a relaxed state in which to access your inner wisdom.  Yes, YOU can benefit from hypnotic work!

Hypnotherapy is used effectively to:

  • Build confidence,

  • Identify stressors,

  • Treat anxiety and depression,

  • Ease chronic pain,

  • Release fear,

  • Attain restful sleep, 

  • Let go of smoking and drinking alcohol,

  • Heal trauma and PTSS,

  • Strengthen self-esteem and self-worth, 

  • Increase motivation,

  • Resolve grief and sadness,

  • Manage anger,

  • Guide a Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression, and a

  • Past Life Regression.

Each session is personalized for you.

Bioenergy Therapy, a Complimentary Therapy

The biofield is present in abundance.  Without it, there is no life.  It's the energy field that surrounds all living plants, animals and beings, and that contains all the information your body needs to be healthy.

The Bioenergy Therapist becomes a conduit to funnel the bioenergy field where it's needed.  This facilitates proper functioning of the immune system and supports your body's natural ability to heal.

Treatments last from approximately 15 to 30 minutes and are repeated 4 consecutive days.  Therapy is completed in-person or remotely.  Results can be immediate, but generally take from 7 days to 1 month.  Your body needs time to heal itself.

Those who do not qualify for Bioenergy Therapy are:

**People with pacemaker implants,

Organ transplant recipients.

    "The information of health is contained in this energy...making every illness curable."

    Zdenko Domancic, creator of Bioenergy Therapy

    Image by Nghia Le

    Susan Monson Hypnotherapy

    Location:  Cave Springs, Arkansas


    Working ONLINE and In-Person.

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