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Teepees have always conjured images of vast journeys of Native people across the wild woods of the Americas.  Since your Past Life Regression found you as a Native American or living near Native Americans, step into this piece and imagine you are curled up under the crescent moon, hearing the bubbling of the creek outside your door.  The tight skin walls of the teepee will keep you safe until a new dawn breaks and the sun shines through the pines surrounding you.  This peaceful and simple way of eisting with nature is sure to bring comfort to your soul as you continue your journey in your present life.


Each piece of jewelry is designed and hand-crafted by Meriwether Mosaics.

Teepee with Chain and Earrings

  • The teepee is set in copper-plated brass and measures approximately 1" x 2".  It features Italian filati, river pebbles and Argentinian hand-pulled filati.  It is displayed with a copper-colored chain and a pair of copper plated dangle earrings featuring comforting pines.

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