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Whatever your front porch looked like in your Past Life Regression, have a seat on the porch of this cabin by the river and bask in the early air.  Let the sound of the water cascading through the stones soothe your heart as you remember...  Surrounded by strong, straight pines covering their rigid stance with soft, fragrant boughs, it is possible to sit in stillness, knowing you can always return to your warm cozy cabin--your inner protection.


Each piece of jewelry is designed and hand-crafted by Meriwether Mosaics.

Cabin with Chain and Earrings

  • The Cabin piece is set in brass and is approximately 1.25".  It features hand-pulled filati, Italian filati and river pebbles  and is displayed with a chain.   A pair of brass dangle earrings featuring our comforting pines is included.

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