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~ Parenting Secrets:  What No One Told You ~

A Book to Provide Your Parenting Answers 

What makes this book so important for parents to read?
Many of you may feel stupid asking questions you think you should already know how to answer.  So, you don't ask!  This parenting book makes it easy to locate a critical answer to your important question.

Who can we rely on?
A family counselor can be very helpful.  But not all of you can afford to seek counseling, especially when the economy is slow.

Don't we have school counselors to help us with our children?
School counselors are generally not allowed within their districts to make therapeutic interventions. It takes more time per family than the district will support. 


Well, what about asking parenting questions of our pastor?
Most pastors are not trained family or child counselors.  Their training is in theology.  Maybe we should just remember how we were raised.
That's fine for those of you who have great memories of your family.  Not everyone is so lucky.

Great Gift Idea to Give Parents
Many times grandparents or family members don't know what to give parents with young children or adolescents.  This is a gift from someone who wants to support good parents becoming great parents!

Paperback:  $24.35 from


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~ I Forgot ~

A Children's Book:  Illustrated in Color with Easy to Read Text
Featuring, "Ralph, the Field Mouse".

Who is this book designed for?
Primary-aged children can read this book independently. However, it is designed for parents, grandparents, and teachers to read WITH their children.

What makes it so important to read I Forgot! with your children?
This book teaches values and serves as a character-building tool.  The story empowers children to internalize values.  This is done by adults using the "ADULT" section located at the back of the book.

Who else might find this book helpful?
Elementary school counselors can use I Forgot! in guidance or social lessons on character building. It can also assist with questions in parent conferences such as:  child forgetting to turn in homework or forgetting to get a planner signed.

What about my Pediatrician?
Doctors may refer this book to parents as a tool for dealing with their children's forgetting problems. This book can also be used as a support for prescribed medications.

Great Gift Idea for Children and for Parents
This book could be a birthday gift for a child you love.  Or, you can save it to be used as a Christmas stocking stuffer for your child or grandchild.  

Paperback:  $17.99 from​
Kindle:  $ 3.99 from


I Forgot.jpg

Both of these books make great gift ideas for parents of the children you work with daily.

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